And on the 5th day, a tumblr was born

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"Quod licet Vikki, non licet alicui."



Becoming an adult is learning pasta portion control

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I don’t understand the USA, all your roads are straight and all your cities look like they were planned using Excel.

Everyone knows the only way to build a city is to wait until a bunch of tiny villages merge together over centuries and create a sprawling clusterfuck of winding roads that make no sense and have no street signs and are impossible to navigate unless you’ve lived there all your life.


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I don’t think most cis guys understand what a period is. It isn’t a steady trickle of blood, like if you get a cut on accident. It’s chunks and strings of bloody paste that’s so thick sometimes that it’s black, and the smell is really strong like carnage, and God forbid you have pubic hair cause you have to take ten showers to get it all out.

And so the whole male population is traumatised


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